Incorporated with intel and others vision’s partners solutions to achieve modern start of art to do the various solutions:

  • Machine Learning : Learning the movement of robot arm carrying wafer cassette loaded with wafers to various bath station for processing. Once there is abnormalities for example cassette crash onto the bath cover, it will immediately alert the user.
  • Work Safety : To detect operators for not wearing proper equipment eg, safety goggles, helmet, safety boots….
  • Parts Absent/Presence Detection : To detect absence and presence of parts during process
  • OCR detection : Detection of characters on a parts (example wafer….) and then send the collected data to host
  • Crack and chips Detection : Detection of cracks and chips of a part and stop the machine if there is any
  • Facial recognition : Detection of unknown person that is not registered in the system and alert the user
  • Restricted Zone : Set a restricted zone so when there is any person entering this zone, it will alert the user