Our Vision
We endeavour PPTC Technology Service to be a leader in providing engineering technology solutions to clients.

Our Promise
We are a family of engineering technology dedicated to provide total customer satisfaction empowered by the strength of our unity. We seek challenges to create innovative engineering technology solutions which demonstrate our commitment to excellence. As we grow into 21st century, we shall continue to maintain a balance between personal and professional fulfilment.

Our Philosophy
We believe that every task is a self-portrait of the person who does it. We strive to autograph our work with excellence. We love to go the extra mile to impress our customers with our services.

Our Services
We work closely with you so to integrate all business functions into one working system to help you reduce costs; enhance competitiveness and productivity; and support your decision making process..
We areĀ One Stop SolutionsĀ for consultation and solution provider for all industries.
Call us to assist you access to better engineering technology Infra-Structures for your company.